HPP equipment
Ultra High Pressure Systems

EXDIN Solutions is provider of products and systems in the field of ultra-high pressures up to 6 000 bar (87 000 psi). Our technical expertise combined with long worldwide engineering experience for the most challenging high pressure applications, makes that our approach delivers far superior performance for customers.

Productive and cost-effective High Pressure Processing (HPP) of food products is a new positive challenge for the industry. In order to achieve this goal EXDIN Solutions focused efforts towards development of new generation of HPP technology - EXTRENGTH. Some features of this technology are:

  • Fast loading and unloading of the food products
  • No need for movable heavy parts
  • Minimal preparation-to-processing time
  • Compact and scalable structure
  • All pressure containing components with initial preload extending fatigue life


EXTRENGTH technology is certainly the most advanced solution on HPP market. It takes advantage from segmented multilayer design and controlled preload systems that extend fatigue life of the vessel . Our unique solutions are currently patent pending.

In addition to technical advancement of our technology, naturally it fulfills all well recognized functions of HPP - preservation of food with retention of natural properties. 

We are still developing our products to satisfy wide variety of customers. Our qualified engineers are constantly working on implementation of the most recent technologies.

Final release of the product is scheduled for late 2017.

EXDIN Solutions can offer more than HPP machines - please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any ultra-high pressure components, HPP services and food development.


High Pressure Intensifier Pumps

EXDIN Solutions offers customized pressure generating systems up to 6 000 bar (87 000 psi) for the following applications:

  • Isostatic Pressing
  • WaterJet Cutting
  • Pressure Testing

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our high pressure generators.