HPP Processors

EXDIN Solutions is a manufacturer specialized in ultra-high pressure equipment. The company designs and manufactures high-performance, automated HPP (High Pressure Processing) systems.

  • High Pressure Processors (HPP) are the units where ultra-high pressure is generated and the pressure is uniformly applied around and throughout the packaged food product.
  • We have made it our mission to make HPP technology available and affordable to the small and medium sized food producers. A new type of HPP processors have been designed, developed, and proven on a commercial scale to provide predictable return on investment.

EXDIN Solutions core technologies deliver superior performance and functionality in more efficient and compact form.

  • Multi-Barrel Design with Quick Opening Closures.
  • Maximum safety and reability – technology from defence industry, operates within endurance limit.
  • The fastest cycles - highest productivity with respect to involved resources and energy.
  • Independent and redundant array of vessels and pumps prevents downtimes and keeps the high pressure system operating continuously - system redundancy is critical for companies that process fresh products with short shelf life.
  • Direct loading and unloading allows full automation. The processor can be easily integrated into existing production line – no manual handling at any stage of operation.
  • Modular design of HPP system is easily scalable and can grow with the development of business.Processors_2_0.png


Range of equipment



Packaging type:

  • Bottles
    • PET
    • HPP Glass
  • Jars
    • PET
    • HPP Glass
  • Cups
  • Pouches


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