HPP Foods
High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing also known as HPP or cold pasteurisation is a modern method of food preservation without using high temperatures in treatment. HPP is based on the aplication of high hydrostatic pressure to extend the shelf life of products, while maintaining high nutritional values and sensory characteristics of food:


Juices and Beverages

Fruit and Vegetable Products

Meat Products

Baby Foods


In contrast to traditional heat treatment, HPP ensures the safe product of the highest quality without changes in smell, taste and color. In addition, high pressure processed foods are characterized by a high content of nutrients, such as vitamins or antioxidants. The manufacturers are able to obtain the premium products through effective microbial degradation without losing valuable nutrients.

HPP Advantages

  • Obtaining the safe product due to elimination of pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella or E. coli
  • Combination of effective degradation of spoilage microorganisms while maintaining the high nutritional value of the product
  • Extension of shelf-life without adversely affecting the properties and quality of the product
  • Facilitated logistics and increased distribution range
  • Clean label 
  • Creating a high quality premium products of natural flavors


What can be processed?

How high a pressure is needed?

In our product we are using adjustable pressure up to 6000 bars.

Is it really so high?


Yes, imagine over 130 Audi A3 laying on top of the regular soda can. The weight would be summed up and concentrated on the can – over 140 tons.


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