Hydrogen Technology
Sustainable Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen Refueling Stations

We offer the technology and equipment for Hydrogen Refueling Stations.

  • Fast refueling comparable to that of a gasoline vehicle,
  • HRS station capacities from 50 kg/day  to 2,000 kg/day,
  • Modular and compact configuration:
    • Quick installation,
    • Expandable – possible gradual increase in capacity.


Components for H2 Service

EXDIN Solutions manufactures components for hydrogen from 250 bar up to 1500 bar.

  • Valves and Fittings,
  • Compressors,
  • Vessels.




EXDIN Solutions supports the development of a hydrogen economy with a variety of refueling stations.

  • Heavy duty vehicles,
  • Light duty passanger vehicles,
  • Buses,
  • Material handling,
  • Energy storage and innovative fueling solutions.